【No.1 Personal training gym in JIYUGAOKA】FREE TIRAL only for October | 自由が丘のパーソナルジム|【公式】BEYOND自由が丘店


【No.1 Personal training gym in JIYUGAOKA】FREE TIRAL only for October

Hey guys!!!



This is Daizo, Personal Trainer at BEYOND JIYUGAOKA!!!



For celebrating BEYOND has opened the 70th gym in Japan, we are having the FREE TRIAL month on October!!!



Do NOT miss the chance of the free trail on this month!!!



Today I am showing you the Best personal training gym in JIYUGAOKA, BEYOND JIYUGAOKA!!!




【Specially Selected Personal Trainers】



The personal trainers in BEYOND JIYUGAOKA are the selected trainers in hundreds of applicants!!!



We all have body making backgrounds and certifications!!!




【Cost Performance】



The body making of BEYOND JIYUGAOKA is not a one time body making. It is for life changing experiences!!!



You can of course chance your body but also you can change your life planning after you learn the training and meal plan!!!







BEYOND-JIYUGAOKA is a 3 minutes walk away from JIYUGAOKA station!!!



You can stop your bicycle in front of our gym, and you can also park your car at the coin parkings near our gym!!!




【English Speaking Personal Trainer】



We have an English speaking personal trainer, Daizo, who graduated university in the states with Bachelor’s degree of Kinesiology!!!



Daizo also has a certification for Personal trainers, ACSM-CPT!!!



You can certainly make your progress with Daizo!!!




【Free Trial】



BEYOND JIYUGAOKA is having a free trial month on October, so if you want to lose weight or gain muscle, or wanna improve any kind of body issues, please make a contact with us!!!



We are waiting for you!!!




・LINE@ @447nygrm






Jiyugaoka2-14-20, FUJI building, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan



東京都目黒区自由が丘2丁目14−20 不二ビル1F