【English speaking personal trainer in Jiyugaoka】 | 自由が丘のパーソナルジム|【公式】BEYOND自由が丘店


【English speaking personal trainer】

Hello this is Daizo, who is a personal trainer at BEYOND Jiyugaoka!


Are you looking for a personal trainer around Jiyugaoika area?


Here I am!!!


I am an English speaking personal trainer at BEYOND Jiyugaoka, so if you are looking for an English speaking personal trainer in Tokyo and want to achieve your ideal body, you can come to BEYOND Jiyugaoka !



【Who is Daizo?】


Daizo is a Japanese personal trainer who is born in Osaka and raised in Saitama.



He studied at an university in the U.S., which is the most developed country in fitness industry all over the world to be a personal trainer.


This is why he can speak English, he is the best English speaking personal trainer in Tokyo.



【What is BEYOND Jiyugaoka】


BEYOND is one of the best personal training gym in Japan and the best personal gym which doesn’t do Ketogenic diet.



It is located in a cozy area in Jiyugaoka and 3 mins walking distance from Jiyugaoka station.


You can come to BEYOND Jiyugaoka by walk, train, car, and bicycle.




・LINE@ @447nygrm






Jiyugaoka2-14-20, FUJI building, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan



東京都目黒区自由が丘2丁目14−20 不二ビル1F