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【Raise your Basal Metabolic Rate】

Hello this is Daizo who is the English speaking personal trainer at BEYOND Jiyugaoka.


Do you easily want to lose your body fat?


Losing fat is not easy but I can make it easier for you by raising your basal metabolic rate!


You can easily lose your body fat with your higher basal body rate.


How can we raise your body rate?


I am explaining how I raise your basal metabolic rate!



【Meal Planning】


BEYOND Jiyugaoka has an own meal planning methods to raise your basal metabolic rate.



There is no one method to raise your basal metabolic rate that works for everyone!


We can make a meal plan that is the best to raise your basal body rate.





We have the methods to gain your muscle mass on the body part where you want to have more muscle mass without gaining your muscle on which you want to have more muscle mass.



Our personal trainers have knowledge and experiences to gain your muscle mass at the specific body part.



【Correcting posture】


A lot of people who want to lose fat has rounding backs.



This is because the basal metabolic rate goes down with the rounding back.


We can correct your rounding back to raise your basal metabolic rate.


You can make your diet easier with our personal training!!!




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