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Hello this is Daizo, who is the personal trainer for BEYOND Jiyugaoka.


Are you looking for a personal trainer and a gym around Jiyugaoka area?


Daizo and BEYOND Jiyugaoka are the one for you!!!





Daizo is the personal trainer for BEYOND Jiyugaoka.


He graduated California State University, Northridge with Bachelor degree of Kinesiology in the U.S.


He has AMERICAN METHOD to take you to your ideal body.





AMERICAN METHOD is the method that Daizo is using for his customers and have changed their bodies.


He has so many ways that he got in the United States, which is the most developed country on fitness industry.



【What he can do?】


Do you want to lose fat?


I can implement different diet methods that is the best for you.


The methods differ on where you are from.


I have taken care for so many people from different races, so I can find the best AMERICAN METHOD for you.





Do you want to lose weight?


Do you want to gain muscle?


Do you want to gain muscle on the specific part of your body such as hip, chest, or back?


Do you want to improve your posture?


I can train your muscles that you want to target.


If you want to train with me, please contact us on the link down below.




・LINE@ @447nygrm






Jiyugaoka2-14-20, FUJI building, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan



東京都目黒区自由が丘2丁目14−20 不二ビル1F