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Hello this is Daizo, who is the personal trainer for BEYOND Jiyugaoka.


I was studying at the university in the U.S.


Today, I will talk about the difference of body making in the U.S. and Japan.





You can find a gym anywhere you are in the U.S. while you have only limited access to the gyms in Japan.


Over 25% of American population is going to a gym while less than 4% of Japanese population is going to a gym.


So, you have more access to gyms in the U.S. and going to a gym is much cheaper than Japan.





American people are grown with eating meats while Japanese people are grown with eating rice.


So, Americans can digest and absorb the nutrients form the meats than Japanese people.





Daizo have taken care of so many different races in the U.S.


So, he can manage any problem from people from difference races, not only Japanese and American but also Asian, South American, European and Arabic.


If you are from foreign country and looking for a personal trainer in Japan, please contact us on the link down below.




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