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Hello this is Daizo, a personal trainer for BEYOND JIYUGAOKA.


Do you want to make your body making effectively?


You should take EAA to build muscles and lose fat efficiently.


Today, I will explain what is EAA.





EAA stands for Essential Amino Acid.


EAA is the 9 amino acids that are necessary to build the muscles.


Proteins are broken down into 9 essential amino acids within your body, and EAA is used as the component of body muscles.



【What it does】 


EAA can help you build your muscles, at the same time, prevent you to break your muscles while you are working out.


You should take the EAA to prevent your muscles are broken and build muscles.



【Lose fat?】


How does it help you to lose your body fat?


It will prevent your muscles broken which can make your basal metabolic rate going down while you are working out.


I will  talk about the recommendation for the EAA on the next blog.




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