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【Which Multi-Vitamin I drink】

Hello this is Daizo, a personal trainer for BEYOND JIYUGAOKA.


I have been talking about which protein and EAA I am drinking.



Today, I will talk about the other supplement, Multi-Vitamin that I am drinking.



【BEYOND Multi-Vitamin&Mineral】


I am taking BEYOND Multi-Vitamin as a supplement for muscle and my health.


The BEYOND Multi Vitamin&Mineral has the amount of Vitamins and Minerals that is optimal for people who want to gain muscles.


It has the Vitamins and Minerals that is good for your health and muscles.





Vitamin is necessary to protect from stressors and help metabolize other nutrients.


Vitamin is necessary to gain muscles and stay healthy.



【Protein and Vitamin】


I need to take more vitamin to metabolize the protein that I take.


If I was not able to metabolize the protein into the amino acids, I would not be able to gain muscles and prevent losing muscles.




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