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【Muscle mass and Basal Metabolic Rate】

Hello this is Daizo, personal trainer for BEYOND Jiyugaoka (BEYOND自由が丘店)


On my last blog, I talked about how to raise the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).



Today, I will talk about how the muscle mass affect the BMR



【Daizo’s BMR】


Daizo’s height is 181cm and body weight is 80kg.


He has 67kg of muscle mass.


His BMR is about 2100kcal/day


【Customer’s BMR】


There is a customer who has almost same age, gender, height, and weight with Daizo.


His muscle mass is 55kg and BMR is 1700kcal/day.


Even thought the customer has almost same body features as Daizo other than muscle mass, Daizo’s BMR is way higher than the customer’s.



【What it means?】


Daizo has higher BMR compared to the customer.


This means that Daizo can eat more when both of them are on diet, and Daizo can easily burn more fat than the customer.


So, Daizo can easily lose weight and fat.



【BEYOND Jiyugaoka】


BEYOND Jiyugaoka supports to gain the BMR to make your diet easier.


We can control your meal plan and workouts to make your diet easier.


If you wanna lose your fat and weight efficiently, you can contact us on the link down below.




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