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【How much you can eat on diet?】

Hello, this is Daizo, personal trainer for BEYOND Jiyugaoka.


On my last blog, I talked about how the muscle mass affect the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).



Daizo, who has more muscle mass, had more BMR than his customer who has almost same body features with Daizo other than muscle mass.


Today, I talk about how you can eat if you have same BMR as Daizo compared to the customer.





BMR of Daizo is 2100kcal/day, and his customer has 1700kcal/day of BMR.


They have 400kcal/day difference of BMR.



【Total calorie expenditure】


You can calculate their approximate total calorie expenditure a day from BMR.


Daizo works out almost everyday and works as a personal trainer, so you can multiply the 2100kcal/day by 1.7, and his total calorie expenditure a day is 3570kcal. 


Let’s say his customer moves as Daizo, and his total calorie expenditure a day is 2890kcal.


Daizo can take 680kcal of food on diet than the customer.



【What can you eat?】


What can you eat on diet if you have 680kcal more.


You can eat 4 pieces of donuts, 2 Macdonald’s hamburger, 1 BigMac, or 1 Gyu-don. 


You can actually eat hamburgers if you have same BMR as Daizo.



【BEYOND Jiyugaoka】


We support the customers to gain more BMR to make their diet easier.


There are so many ways to gain your BMR other than gaining muscle mass.


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