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【Which BCAA?】

Hello this is Daizo, a personal trainer for BEYOND JIYUGAOKA.


On my last blog, I talked about the differences between BCAA and EAA and how the BCAA is working. 



If you are looking for the best BCAA in Japan, BEYOND BCAA is the one for you.




BEYOND BCAA is the BCAA that is produced by the 350 trainers from BEYOND gyms in all over Japan.


It has the nutrients and nutrition balance that are selected by the trainers.



【No Food Additive】


BEYOND BCAA does not use the food additives that can cause the health problems.


Artificial sweetener which is often inside other BCAAs is not added in the BEYOND BCAA.



【Other Nutrients】


BEYOND BCAA has citric acid and carnitine other than valine, leucine, and isoleucine.


Citric acid stimulates citric acid cycle that can emphasize basal metabolic rate, and it breaks lactic acids that can cause fatigue and muscle pain.


Carnitine takes up the delivery of fatty acids which can emphasize fat burning.


If you are looking for a BCAA for body making and weight loss, BEYOND BCAA is the one for you.




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