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【BEYOND Protein】

Hello, this is Daizo, a personal trainer for BEYOND JIYUGAOKA.


On my last blog, I talked about the differences of WPC and WPI proteins, and I recommended WPI protein for weight loss.



Today, I will introduce the BEYOND protein which is a WPI protein.





BEYOND protein is a WPI protein which has less fat, carb, and calories compared to other proteins.


Since it has less extra calories compared to other proteins, you can burn more body fats.





Other nutrients, EAA, HMB, Brown Rice Enzyme, Probiotics, Multi-Vitamins, and Multi-Minerals, are added in the BEYOND protein. 


These added nutrients are helpful for losing body fat and building muscles.


I will talk about the details of the nutrients on other blogs.





WPI protein is not often delicious since it has less fat and carbohydrate.


However, in my point of view, BEYOND protein is delicious compared to the other WPI protein. 


If you are looking for a delicious WPI protein, BEYOND protein is the for you!


It has chocolate, matcha, and pistachio flavors, and I especially recommend chocolate flavor.


If you are looking for a good WPI protein, please contact us on the link down below.




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