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【Which protein you should take after workout】

Hello this is Daizo, a personal trainer for BEYOND JIYUGAOKA.


You know that protein powders can boost your weight loss or body making.


There are different kinds of protein powders in the market.


If you are just starting working out to lose weight or gain muscle and looking for which protein powder you should take, I will teach you which protein powder you should take after workout. 





If you are looking for a protein power after workout, you should take whey protein.


Whey protein is the protein that is made out of milk which has a lot of protein.


Whey is extracted from the milk and concentrated protein part.





Whey protein is fasted protein powder that is absorbed inside the body.


You can absorb the whey protein easily after the workout.


You have to fuel the body with some Amino Acid that is metabolized form of protein right after the workout to maximize the effect of training.


So whey protein is the best choice of protein powder for after workout.



【Which WHEY protein?】


If you are looking for the best quality whey protein, I am recommending BEYOHD WHEY PROTEIN.


I am talking about that on the other blog, so please check that out.





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